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PCAB21 Skirting Duct

PCAB21 Skirting Duct

2 Channel Aluminium Base with PVC Cover

CAT No. Description
PCAB21 Skirting duct aluminium base & poly cover, per Metre
PK21S Single outlet kit (suit 1 DGPO or 1 data plate)
PK21D Double outlet kit suit 2 grid plates, (DATA & GPO)
PIC21 Modular Internal corner
PEC21 Modular External corner
PES21 End Stop, suit left or right
Colours Black, Grey, White or Beige


Profile: 130mm x 35mm  
Lengths: Base 3 metre Cover 1.8 metre  
Single outlet cover: 155mm Click here to download the Installation Instructions
Double outlet cover: 295mm Click here to download the Product Specification Sheets
  • Available in polymer or aluminum base
  • Still the easiest duct to install!
  • Universal outlet kits


Suggestion Specification

The Contractor shall install a 2 Channel Skirting Duct, SKIRTEC Type 21, with Aluminium / Polymer Base and clip fit Polymer cover, as indicated on the tender drawings. 90 degree corners shall be factory made and modular. Base section shall be fixed to the walls at intervals no less than 900mm and the duct system shall be Installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.